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How to Apply for Medicaid in Wyoming

You may be wondering how to apply for Medicaid in Wyoming once you have learned about the Medicaid eligibility requirements in the state. An applicant can apply for Medicaid online, by phone or by mail. State residents can also apply for Medicaid by calling the Wyoming Division of Healthcare Financing (DHF). They can also apply for Medicaid online through the state’s official website, or they can fill out an application, in either English or Spanish, and mail it to the Wyoming DHF. If an applicant has Medicaid in another state, it cannot be transferred to Wyoming, since each state’s Medicaid programs are different. Filling out an application will be required for an applicant to get Wyoming Medicaid. It is important to note that filling out an application form does not mean you have to buy health coverage. To learn more about the Medicaid application process, as well as where to apply for Medicaid review the following sections.

What information does the WY Medicaid application require?

Now that you understand the answer to the question, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid in WY?” you will need to understand who can apply to the program in the state. In Wyoming, you can use the Medicaid application form to apply for anyone in your family. Individuals should apply even if they or their children already have health coverage, because they may be eligible for lower-cost or even free health coverage. They can also apply for their children even if they themselves are not eligible for coverage through Medicaid.

To apply for Wyoming Medicaid, applicants will need to provide the following information:

  • Social Security Numbers (SSNs) or applicable document numbers for any legal immigrants who are applying for insurance
  • All employer and income information for everyone in the applicant’s households
  • Policy numbers for any current health insurance plans
  • Any information about job-related health insurance available to anyone in the household

Those applying for Medicaid in WY will need to provide a Social Security Number (SSN). Applicants who do not have SSNs will need to leave that field blank, and they will need to apply for an SSN through the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you have already applied for an SSN, you will need to provide proof when you submit your application.

For applicants to apply for Medicaid in Wyoming, they are also going to need to provide proof of citizenship and dates of birth for everyone on the application. Families can apply for Wyoming Medicaid even if they include immigrants, as applying for Medicaid will not affect their immigration status or chances of them becoming a permanent resident or citizen.

Understand Required Household Information for Applying for Medicaid in WY

On the Wyoming Medicaid application, potential enrollees will be asked about income and other information to determine the coverage that they can qualify for and if they will receive any help paying for it. The state of Wyoming is required to keep all information an applicant provides private and secure, as determined by state law. When you submit an application for Medicaid, your personal information is only used to check your eligibility for Wyoming Medicaid.

Individuals following the steps for how to apply for Medicaid will be asked to list every family member who lives in their same household. When filling out a Medicaid application in Wyoming, the applicant will need to include everyone who appears on her or his tax return. To receive Medicaid, however, it is not necessary to file taxes. Applicants who are submitting an application for Medicaid will need to include themselves on the application, as well as their spouse, children who are younger than 21 years of age who live with them and their unmarried partner if they need health coverage. When signing up for Wyoming Medicaid, they do not have to include their unmarried partner if the partner does not need health coverage or their unmarried partner’s children. They also do not need to include on their Wyoming application for Medicaid their parents who live with them but who file their own tax return, or other adult relatives who file their own tax returns.

An applicant applying for Wyoming Medicaid will need to start with information about themselves, then they will go on to add other adults and children. If an applicant has more than two people in their family, they will need to make a copy of the pages and attach them to the application. An applicant does not need to provide immigrant status or SSNs on the Medicaid application form for family members who do not need health coverage. Learn more about required information by downloading our comprehensive Medicaid guide.

What to Do After Completing the Wyoming Medicaid Application

Once you complete an application for Medicaid in WY, you will need to submit your complete and signed application, even if information from your application is missing. You will receive a follow-up to your application within one to two weeks. This notification which will highlight the next steps to complete your health coverage. Applicants who not hear back about their Wyoming Medicaid application during that time may contact the state by phone or online.

After an applicant applies for Wyoming Medicaid, he or she will receive a letter in the mail in fewer than two months notifying him or her whether the application has been approved or denied. If more information is needed from the applicant, the timeframe can be expended. If the application is pending a disability determination, it can take up to three months.

What to Do If Your Wyoming Medicaid Application Is Denied

If you disagree with your Wyoming Medicaid application determination or do not understand the decision, you can contact the Wyoming Department of Health. Applicants who believe that the policy was incorrectly followed when determining their eligibility can ask for an administrative hearing, but they must request one within a certain amount of time after being notified in writing about the decision regarding their Medicaid eligibility. If they do not request a hearing about their Wyoming Medicaid application within that timeframe, they will not be granted a hearing. Find out more about applying to Medicaid by downloading our free in-depth guide.