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How to Apply for Medicaid in Washington

Knowing how to apply for Medicaid (also called “Apple Health” in Washington) before beginning the application process is beneficial, as it can help you to have an easier and more successful experience filling out and submitting the application. You can apply for Medicaid online, or if you prefer, there are other methods available for where to apply for Medicaid in the state. In addition to understanding where you can apply for Washington Apple Health, it is also good to know what information must be provided on the application. The Medicaid application form in WA requires that certain information is provided in order for the form to be considered complete and ready to be reviewed. This is because specific Medicaid eligibility requirements must be verified by the Home and Community Services (HCS) office in Washington. Additionally, certain documentation should be on hand to answer the questions. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for Medicaid including the information needed and the process for filling out an Apple Health/Medicaid form, continue reviewing the sections below.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Washington?

Understanding where to apply for Medicaid in Washington is crucial, as there are multiple different methods for completing the application and each has different benefits. Where you sign up for Medicaid depends on personal preference and what is most convenient for you to access. By understanding ahead of time what your options are and the benefits that are associated with each, you are better able to select the most effective method for you and your household. Learn more about signing up for Medicaid by downloading our comprehensive guide.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Washington

When you are ready to apply for Washington Medicaid, it is good to know that one of the most effective and fastest methods for submitting a Medicaid application is by using the internet and completing the application online. You can do this from the comfort of your own home and do not need to feel pressured by time, as you can complete the application at your own pace. However, this method is not available to everyone. In order to apply for Apple Health in Washington online you must be at least one of the following:

  • An adult aged 18 to 64 years of age
  • Applying on behalf of a child
  • A parent of caretaker applying with children in your household
  • Pregnant or applying on behalf of someone who is pregnant

How to Apply for Medicaid in Washington in Person or by Phone

To apply for Medicaid in WA, you can also fill out a paper application in person at an HCS office. This Medicaid application option is best if you do not have internet access or would like personal assistance with filling out the application. Alternatively, you can also print out the forms at home and then simply submit them in person or send them to the office either via mail or fax. If you do not wish to apply for Medicaid online or in person, you may also call the Washington Customer Support Center and apply by phone. This may be better for those applicants who need help understanding the application.

Learn About the Medicaid Application Form in Washington

No matter where you apply for Medicaid, you will be required to provide certain information in order to prove your eligibility. The eligibility requirements necessary to receive Apple Health coverage includes proving citizenship status, Washington residency and income. The following information must be provided in order for eligibility to be assessed:

  • Monthly Household Income and Resources.The Medicaid application form in WA will ask for the total amount of income earned by any working members of the household. Knowing how to apply for Medicaid includes understanding that having certain documentation on hand can help you to properly fill out the application. These forms for applying to Medicaid can include W-2 forms, paystubs or wage statements. This income information is especially important because the Apple Health program is designed to primarily provide assistance to financially needy households, so you must show your income in order for your eligibility to be reviewed.When you apply for Washington Medicaid, you will also need to provide information that documents certain resources that you or your family holds. A few examples of documents you can use include bank statements, property tax statements and life insurance paperwork.
  • Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Birth Dates.When you apply for Medicaid in Washington, you must provide Social Security Numbers(SSNs) for each member of the household who has a valid SSN. When you apply for Apple Health, if any household members do not have an SSN, other applicable immigrant document numbers can be provided instead. When completing a Medicaid coverage application, if you or someone in your household is not a U.S. citizen, immigration information must be provided. This information may include foreign passports numbers, or “A” number. In addition, the birth dates of each household member must be provided as well. Learn more about these requirements in our in-depth Medicaid guide.
  • Health Insurance Information.No matter where you sign up for Medicaid in Washington, you will need to include health insurance information. If you are currently receiving health insurance either from a private insurance company or a job-related coverage option, you must provide policy numbers and any other applicable health care information on the application.

Additionally, on the Medicaid application form, it is important to be prepared to provide personal information for each member of the household as well. This includes full names and contact information, if applicable. Also, you will need to provide your home address and any applicable tax-filing information as well.

Learn About Additional WA Medicaid Application Form Information

When you apply for Medicaid online in WA or through any of the other application avenues, all information provided must be completely true and accurate. If you willingly submit false information in order to receive Medicaid coverage, you will have committed Medicaid fraud and may be subject to penalties including being disqualified from receiving Medicaid assistance.