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How to Apply for Medicaid in Washington D.C.

Knowing how to apply for Medicaid in Washington D.C. is important before you start the application process because having a good understanding of what is required of you when you apply is necessary for a quick and smooth application. In D.C. you cannot apply for Medicaid online, although you can access the forms that you must complete online. The physical forms must be taken into any Economic Security Administration (ESA) center in your area along with specific documentation to prove the accuracy of the application information you provided. There are a few different steps involved for how to apply for Medicaid in D.C., and there is a lot of information that must be provided on the Medicaid application form as well. To gain a better understanding of where to apply for Medicaid and why you cannot apply for Medicaid online, continue reading the sections below.

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How to apply for Medicaid is generally explained in the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Medicaid application form. The Medicaid application can be downloaded online and printed, or you can obtain the document at any ESA center. Once you have the form, you must complete it entirely before you can submit it and have the eligibility of your household properly reviewed.
  2. Submit the form at any ESA Service Center. The option to apply for Medicaid online is not available in Washington D.C. since the application form must be dropped off at the ESA along with all of the required documents needed to prove that the application information is accurate. Be sure to locate the ESA Service Center that is most convenient for you to get to, and ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation with you when you arrive.
  3. Wait for notification of if you qualify for coverage. The ESA will notify you if your household qualifies for Medicaid, and they will let you know of the exact date that your coverage begins if you opt to receive that information.
  4. Choose a plan. After you apply for Washington D.C. Medicaid, if your household is found eligible for coverage, you will likely have the ability to choose which Medicaid plan you want for your household.

Where Do You Sign Up For Medicaid in Washington D.C.?

If you are wondering where to apply for Medicaid, you need to know that there is just one method available. “Where do you sign up for Medicaid?” is a question that is commonly asked by D.C. residents, and the answer is quite simple. To apply for Medicaid, you must apply in-person at your local Economic Security Administration (ESA) Service Center.

Learn About Documents Needed with Medicaid Application in Washington D.C.

Part of understanding how to apply for Medicaid includes knowing what documents you must include with the required form. When you go to apply for D.C. Medicaid you will need to provide certain information in order for your Medicaid eligibility to be determined. Washington D.C. medical assistance programs require that most applicants have a certain income, certain number of assets, valid D.C. residency, valid Social Security Numbers and eligible immigration information. All of this information must be verified after submitting your Medicaid application form, so you are required to bring certain documents to the Economic Security Administration (ESA) office that services your area.

When you apply for D.C. Medicaid at the ESA Service Center and bring the documents with you, the ESA will make copies of the documents and return the originals to you. When you are applying for Medicaid, if you are missing any documents the ESA will provide you with a checklist of what you need to bring back in order for your application to be reviewed. It is important to ensure that you have all of the necessary documents with you so that the process can go much faster.

The documents needed are as follows:

  • Income: The Medicaid application form is used to determine financial eligibility in regards to medical assistance, so certain income information must be provided on the form. Additionally, the income information must be verified by submitting any documents that prove that the income information submitted is accurate. This includes recent paystubs, statements showing disability, retirement and/or workers compensation income, pension statements or last year’s income tax paperwork/W2 forms.
  • Assets: When you go to apply for D.C. Medicaid, you will need to discuss any assets or resources that you have. However, this is not a requirement for pregnant women, caretakers of children or children. Other applicants must provide any documentation that verifies any resources or assets including current bank account statements.
  • Social Security Number: The Medicaid application will ask for the Social Security Numbers of each member of the household that is included in the application for Medicaid coverage. To prove that the Social Security Numbers provided on the application form for Medicaid are accurate, you must bring in any applicable social security cards. If you do not have access to the social security cards, you may bring in other documentation that includes your Social Security Numbers. For example, tax or payroll documentation that includes the SSN on it, or a D.C. driver’s license that has your SSN.
  • Immigration Information: If you are not a U.S. citizen, the form where you sign up for Medicaid in Washington D.C. will require you to provide any immigration information that is applicable to your situation. These documents may include a visa, foreign passport, Employment Authorization card, I-94 form or any other documents from the INS.
  • D.C. Residency: To understand how to apply for Medicaid, you must also understand that Washington D.C. residency is a necessary requirement for receiving D.C. medical assistance. In regards to the Medicaid application form, many different documents can be used to prove that you and the members of your household currently reside in D.C. The forms that are acceptable when you apply for D.C. Medicaid include a valid D.C. driver’s license; a valid lease, rental agreement, deed or mortgage statement for your residence in D.C., a recent utility bill for your D.C. residence or a D.C. voter registration card. These are just a few of the documents that can be provided when you go to apply for Medicaid so it is important to know that there may be additional documents that can be used as well.
  • Health Insurance: If either you have additional health insurance, job-related coverage or insurance through a private agency, yet you qualify, you should still find out how to apply for Medicaid as you may still eligible to receive Medicaid. However, you must provide your health insurance card to the ESA office so that your coverage can be verified.

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