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How to Apply for Medicaid in Vermont

To learn how to apply for Medicaid in Vermont, one must know the right places to look. There are many resources that let you apply for Medicaid online, by mail or in person as a low-income Vermonter, but there are steps that you can take in order to more efficiently prepare for your application. In fact, a Medicaid application form consists of many parts that are crucial to understand in order to ensure that you meet eligibility requirements, and that you are indeed applying for the right type of Medicaid to fit your needs. Medicaid insurance is an important tool across the country, because it can help vulnerable populations pay for their medical bills. This article will help you to learn where to apply for Medicaid in Vermont, and how to do so confidently.

Understanding the Vermont Medicaid Application

If you are wondering, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Vermont?” you need to look no further than the Vermont Health Connect (VHC) program. As the VT state Medicaid application service, VHC is responsible for determining eligibility requirements for Medicaid, processing applications and administering benefits to qualified low-income residents. You may wish to apply for Medicaid through VHC if you fall under a Medicaid protected group, live in Vermont, are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Legal Resident, have a household income that meets VHC standards and can prove your identity via legal documents.

Learning how to apply for Medicaid in Vermont through VHC is also useful because your VT Medicaid coverage may be able to work with your existing health insurance in order to cover certain costs. This Medicaid application is especially useful for Vermont Medicare recipients. Oftentimes, the ability to apply for Medicaid and the ability to apply for Medicare are connected, especially if you are older than 65 years of age, blind or have a disability. Your VHC Medicaid application will require you to provide information about your other health insurance policies, in case you may be eligible for Medicaid to help pay your other premiums and deductibles.

What to Prepare for Your Vermont Medicaid Application Form

The Medicaid application in Vermont requires many basic pieces of information and documentation in order to legitimize your Medicaid insurance claim. While you will need them to fill out the main Medicaid application form from VHC, you will also need to scan, print or present many of them along with the form. Additionally, these pieces of information are required for each individual in your household signing up for benefits during the application process. The required information to apply for VT Medicaid includes:

  • The Social Security Numbers or Alien Registration Numbers (for immigrants with legal presence in your household) for all applying family members.
  • Employer and income information, including pay stubs, W-2 forms, tax returns and employer details, when applicable.
  • Past Medicaid applications, as well as current and potential future medical and prescription needs.
  • Information about other health insurance coverage plans, and offers of job-based insurance.
  • Other identifying documentation, such as ID cards, U.S. passports and more.

While these Medicaid application documents are mainly used to verify your eligibility with VHC once you have applied, they are also integral parts of the application process, and you may not be able to receive benefits without some or most of them. It is generally recommended for your Medicaid application form to be prepared with all of these documents, in order to speed up the application process in case VHC requests a certain document in particular. To learn more about basic documentation needed during the Medicaid application process, you can download our free guide for Medicaid now.

How to Apply for Medicaid Using Vermont Health Connect

Now that you know where to apply for Medicaid in Vermont, it is important to learn the best way to go about applying for Medicaid using the information that you have prepared. VHC recommends to apply for Medicaid online due to the convenience of not needing to leave your home. Additionally, online Medicaid application is the fastest method for receiving benefits. This is because you can scan your documents and submit your entire application with the click of a mouse, instead of waiting for the application to get to VHC in another way. Finally, if you apply for Medicaid online through the VHC online portal, you will have access to the documents that you upload, and will know when they are being reviewed thanks to the ability to check the status of your claim. It also allows Vermont residents to make changes to their existing coverage plans, view messages from VHC, discover when they need to renew their coverage and more.

However, those wondering how to apply for Medicaid without using a computer have many other options available to them. Sending your Medicaid application form and copied documents to VHS via mail or in person at one of the many VHS locations throughout Vermont is certainly possible, but it may take slightly longer for processing. While it may be difficult to apply for Medicaid by phone due to the inability to submit your application form and documents, VHC does have a customer support helpline available to ask questions about your application and learn the procedures for submitting it. Whatever Medicaid application method you choose to employ, it is crucial to ensure that you have the proper form for the coverage that you wish to apply for. Special Medicaid application forms exist for applicants who need financial assistance to pay for potential Medicaid costs and for applicants only seeking dental coverage only.

Vermont Medicaid Application Processing

Once you have submitted your VT Medicaid application form through VHC, you will need to wait for it to be processed before you can begin receiving Medicaid coverage. Between 30-60 days after you apply for Medicaid, you will receive a letter in the mail from VHC that details whether or not you have been accepted to receive Medicaid insurance. However, if you are applying for the MABD program, it may take up to 90 days to review in order for VHC to verify your claim. Your reviewed Vermont Medicaid application form will detail what type of coverage options you can receive, and when you will need to renew your coverage through VHC. To learn more about the national Medicaid program, you can download our free Medicaid guide today.