How to Apply for Medicaid in South Carolina

Residents interested in learning how to apply for Medicaid in South Carolina–called the “Healthy Connections” program in this state–have three options. First, applicants may apply for Medicaid online through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Second, applicants can mail their Medicaid application form to the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS). Thirdly, Medicaid applicants can apply in person at select government offices and health service locations.

Whether you complete your South Carolina Medicaid application online, through the mail or in person, you will be required to provide the same kind of information. When you apply for Medicaid, you will need to list income, financial obligations and other information about every person who lives in your household. In some situations, you may need to submit additional forms if you are seeking health care that falls under a specific type of coverage groups, such as a pregnant woman disabled children.

Before you understand where to apply for Medicaid, you should understand how South Carolina uses federal funds to support affordable health care for families in need. Our South Carolina Healthy Connections application has different steps in the Medicaid application process and provides need-to-know information about filing a successful application in this state.

Before Start Your Medicaid Application in South Carolina

Before you begin your Medicaid application in South Carolina, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with our state’s Medicaid program, Healthy Connections. Your application for Medicaid is more likely to achieve a favorable outcome if you are familiar with the Healthy Connections program. Even though Healthy Connections operates under federal Medicaid laws, the South Carolina program has its own application and unique requirements.

Prepare to apply for Medicaid in South Carolina by learning more about the Healthy Connections program. Download our guide to Medicaid and discover more about benefit limits, qualifications and methods to apply.

How and Where to Apply for Medicaid in South Carolina

You should apply for Healthy Connections, South Carolina’s Medicaid program, even if you are unsure if you are eligible. When deciding how to apply for Medicaid in South Carolina, you have three options: online, via mail or in person.

To apply for Medicaid online, you can submit an electronic application though South Carolina Healthy Connections. Alternatively, fill out a paper Medicaid application form and mail it to the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Finally, you can apply in person at the County Offices of the SCDHHS, most hospitals or certain rural health centers.

Learn more about applying for Medicaid via Health Connections in South Carolina. Discover where to apply for Medicaid depending on your unique circumstances and preferences.

Information Needed to Apply for Medicaid in South Carolina

Before you apply for Medicaid online, via the mail or in person, prepare by gathering the information needed for the Healthy Connections application. The Medicaid application information you provide will affect whether you qualify for Healthy Connections in addition to the type of coverage into which you are enrolled.

The application for Medicaid in South Carolina requires the following information about you and every member of your household:

  • Birthdate and Social Security Numbers, or document numbers for legal immigrants
  • Employer and income information
  • Benefits currently or previously received from Social Security, child support, veteran benefits and other benefit programs
  • Rent, mortgage and utility payments
  • Policy numbers and payments for any health insurance you have currently

Download our Medicaid guide to explore the documents you need to apply and to learn more about the services you can access.

Do I need to fill out an additional Medicaid application form?

If you are wondering, “where do you sign up for Medicaid?” an additional Medicaid application form may be required to complete your Healthy Connections application. After applying for Medicaid in South Carolina, you may be asked to submit an additional form if you applying under a certain coverage group. The SCDHHS may reach out to you if one of these extra forms is required to process your application.

For example, an extra Medicaid form may be required if you are applying for coverage as an elderly, blind, disabled or working disabled applicant. A supplemental Medicaid application document may also be required if you are a family with disabled children, if you have breast or cervical cancer or if you are receiving nursing facility care.

Find out which Medicaid application forms you will need to apply for the Healthy Connections program in South Carolina depending on your unique circumstances.

After Submitting Your Medicaid Application in South Carolina

Once you have submitted a Medicaid application in South Carolina, the Healthy Connections and the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace will review your answers to determine your eligibility. After you apply for Medicaid, it may take a little over a month before you receive your eligibility determination. If you are applying as a special coverage group, it may take longer to process your application. In some cases, an additional Medicaid application form may be requested.

However, if you apply for Medicaid coverage as a pregnant woman, you may be eligible for immediate benefits in South Carolina. As your application for Medicaid is being processed, you could be able to receive medical care while you wait. To inquire about immediate pregnancy coverage, contact South Carolina’s Healthy Connections program.

When your Medicaid application is approved, you will get a Medicaid card in the mail from Healthy Connections within a week. If your application for Medicaid is not approved, you will receive a notice regarding your options and right to appeal. Download our guide to affordable health insurance to learn how to determine if you have been approved for Medicaid benefits.

How to Get Help with Your Medicaid Application in South Carolina

When completing your Medicaid application in South Carolina, you can seek assistance from several sources. Medicaid application assistance is available online or over the phone through the Healthy Connections Help Center. Alternatively, you may be able to obtain guidance from a SCDHHS counselor in your area.

The simplest way to get help with how to apply for Medicaid in South Carolina is to download our affordable insurance guide. This Medicaid coverage application handbook includes step-by-step guidance through the process of applying in addition to tips for ensuring a favorable outcome for your application. With our Medicaid handbook, receive expert guidance from the comfort of your home.