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How to Apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania

How to apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania is determined by the PA Department of Health Services (DHS), which manages all health programs throughout the state, including the Medical Assistance (MA) program, Pennsylvania’s expanded Medicaid program. The DHS allows health benefits claimants to apply for Medicaid online, by mail or by phone in whichever manner is most suited to them. The Pennsylvania Medicaid application form is also created and processed by the DHS in accordance with federal regulations. Because all state Medicaid programs receive federal funding, they all must adhere to basic national guidelines concerning eligibility, as well as coverage and cost. Get answers to questions like, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid?” and more by reviewing the sections below.

All applicants submitting a Medicaid application form in Virginia will be required to provide the same basic information concerning their identities, citizenship, health status, incomes and more in addition to that of their families. Potential benefits recipients should also note that where to apply for Medicaid is the same regardless of which Medicaid program an applicant expects to participate in. The Pennsylvania Medicaid application is available in multiple languages to cater to as many state residents as possible. Once an applicant has completely submitted his or her Medicaid application, the DHS guarantees a response within a specific period of time depending on which eligibility group the applicant ultimately participates in. If the benefits claimant disagrees with a case decision made by the DHS, a fast appeals process is available to every applicant. If you are wondering, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid?” and how to successfully submit a Medicaid application in Pennsylvania, read on.

Understand Required Information for the Medicaid Application in PA

Since the steps for how to apply for Medicaid are determined by the federal government, all Medicaid programs around the country require that some basic information be gathered and verified for all benefits recipients in addition to any separate state Medicaid application requirements. Beyond these requirements, how to apply for specific Medicaid programs may include providing additional information or evidence at the time of submitting an application. All Medicaid application forms in Pennsylvania will require applicants to provide the following information:

  • Social Security Numbers and dates of birth for the applicant and all household members.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or eligible legal resident alien status.
  • Total household income from all financial sources.
  • Economic asset information, including items like vehicles, properties, bank accounts and more.
  • Information regarding federal tax filing.
  • Information about any current or recent health insurance providers of the applicant or any member of the household.

Learn About Pennsylvania Medicaid Application Methods

Those wondering, “How can you apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania?” should know that the state offers them several different options for submitting an application. State residents can submit Medicaid application forms online, by phone, in person and by mail. Many benefits claimants prefer to apply for Medicaid online for ease and access, but all applicants also have the possibility to submit Medicaid applications using any of the other options. PA Medicaid application form packages are available in both English and Spanish online or at the request of an applicant. Potential benefits recipients who have specific questions or concerns about filling out the Medicaid application or about where to apply for Medicaid can contact their nearest DHS office or other community health care center for assistance. You can also get more information in our comprehensive Medicaid guide.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Pennsylvania

To apply for Medicaid online Pennsylvania residents need to head to the state’s dedicated social assistance web portal COMPASS. In addition to submitting a Medicaid application form, the COMPASS platform allows benefits claimants to review the Medicaid eligibility requirements. Once a resident has decided to apply got Medicaid online, he or she will be asked to register a name and password to be able to save his or her Medicaid application while finishing it and to check its progress once sent to the DHS for processing. Before applying for Medicaid online and submitting personal data over the web, applicants should make sure they have a secure and reliable internet connection.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania by Mail or in Person

Applicants who prefer to use a paper Medicaid application form can print one from the DHS or COMPASS websites, pick up a copy at a nearby DHS or community health care office or call a DHS representative to request that a paper application be mailed out. Where to apply for Medicaid by mail or in person is the same regardless of how the applicant received the paper application or to which specific PA Medicaid program the claimant is applying to. All completed paper Medicaid application forms and accompanying evidence should be mailed to the applicant’s nearest county assistance office or submitted to an office in person. Learn more about applying for Medicaid in our free in-depth guide.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania by Phone

Benefit claimants in Pennsylvania who would like step-by-step help completing the MA application can complete the form by phone with a representative. Applicants interested in submitting a Medicaid application over the phone should prepare all necessary information and documentation before calling the Consumer Service Center to file the form. Benefits claimants can contact the central PA DHS directly or call a local office for help completing the application.

What to Do After You Submit a Medicaid Application in Pennsylvania

Once an applicant has submitted his or her PA Medicaid application for Medical Assistance benefits, a DHS representative will review the applicant to see if he or she meets eligibility for health benefits in any state health program. If the Medicaid application is accepted, the applicant will receive a benefits decision in the mail outlining the Medicaid coverage and costs of the applicant’s specific health program. Benefit recipients should continue to meet all eligibility requirements as initially stipulated during the application process and submit renewal Medicaid application forms by state deadlines to avoid an interruption in health coverage. If a Pennsylvania Medicaid application for health benefits is denied in, the applicant has the possibility to appeal the decision and request a review of the case. Claimants whose Medicaid applications have been rejected can also contact a local Consumer Service Center for information on other health programs for which he or she may be eligible.