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How to Apply for Medicaid in North Dakota

How to apply for Medicaidin North Dakota is a question that may have different answers depending on a particular applicant’s needs and circumstances. Some applicants may opt to apply for Medicaid online while others find an alternate method better suited to their needs. More than one ND Medicaid application form is available to residents who meet Medicaid eligibility requirements. A thorough review of the options related to forms and application methods can help potential applicants determine the best way to proceed. Although this review will tell residents where to apply for Medicaid and equip them to begin the process, applicants are strongly encouraged to focus first on what information they will need in order to complete the Medicaid application in the state. Taking time to collect the information and documentation that must be submitted before beginning the Medicaid coverage application can save time and ensure that the application process does not unnecessarily stall, which can delay or prevent the receipt of benefits. Learn more about how to request Medicaid coverage by reading the sections below.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in North Dakota?

Residents exploring how to apply for Medicaid in North Dakota will find that they have three primary options. Applicants may apply for Medicaid online, over the phone or using a hard copy of the application. TTY services are available for applicants who are deaf or hard of hearing who wish to apply by phone. Hard copies may be submitted in person or by mail. Applicants preferring to apply by phone should print the Medicaid application form in hard copy and complete it before calling to ensure that they have all the necessary information readily available when they call. Online applications will be forwarded to the Social Services office of the county in which the applicant lives for processing.

Different North Dakota Medicaid applications are available. Applicants will need to decide which one best suits their needs in order to begin the application process. To sign up for Medicaid without applying for any other assistance, applicants aged 64 or younger who do not have disabilities can complete and submit an application for Medicaid coverage. Applicants who are elderly, blind or disabled and are applying for Medicaid only can use an application form specific to the Elderly and Disabled category subpopulation. For applicants who wish to apply for Medicaid and to request support and benefits from other state and federal assistance programs at the same time, a third, more broadly designed application for assistance is available.

Learn About ND Medicaid Income Questions

Regardless of which ND Medicaid application a resident uses, he or she will have to submit key information on three topics. The first topic all Medicaid application forms will ask about is income. The second category of mandatory questions relates to personal identifying information. The third addresses characteristics of the applicant’s household. Applicants applying for Medicaid must provide documentation with their applications that supports and proves the information they provide. Learn more about completing the Medicaid application by downloading our free in-depth guide.

To apply for Medicaid, residents will need to provide extensive information about their household incomes. For the purposes of a Medicaid application, income includes all forms of money or benefits paid to any member of the applicant household. Salaries, wages and benefits from part-time, side and self-employment positions must all be reported in full. Medicaid applications also require that child support, spousal support, pensions and other regular payments be accounted for. Additionally, Medicaid application forms mandate that applicants list any income received in the form of cash, food assistance, medical supports or other benefits members of the household may have received in North Dakota or other states. Applicants signing up for Medicaid under certain subprograms may find they need to supply information about their assets that applicants in other categories over coverage do not. For example, Medicaid application forms for this category may ask applicants to disclose the balances of bank accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, some types of property and other types of investments. Acceptable forms of documentation for this section of the Medicaid application may include pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, enrollment letters from federal assistance programs, etc.

Applicants may also need to answer questions on the Medicaid application form clarifying whether anyone in the household is a Medicare beneficiary, if anyone is covered by another type of health insurance or if any household members have access to other forms of health care. To document their answers in this category when applying for Medicaid, applicants may be required to provide policy names, numbers and dates. When completing the Medicaid health coverage application, they will also need to supply the names of the relevant insurance companies and the name of the employer or other source through which they are eligible to access said coverage.

Learn About ND Medicaid Non-Income Questions

Aside from income, residents follow the steps to apply for Medicaid online or through any other method in North Dakota can expect to answer a variety of questions about themselves and the makeup of their households. The North Dakota Medicaid application form will ask for standard personal identifying information such as the applicant’s name, age, address, contact information and Social Security Number (SSN) or Alien Registration number. Applicants who do not have an SSN themselves may still apply for Medicaid benefits for members of their households who do have valid SSNs. Medicaid application forms also require that applicants account for other household characteristics, including:

  • Any members of the household living in alternative housing, such as a residential care facility or a foster home.
  • Any children in the household for whom there are joint custody or court ordered supervision arrangements.

When signing up for Medicaid, documentation accepted in support of these facts includes but is not limited to:

  • Certificates of birth, marriage or adoption.
  • Court orders.
  • Social Security Cards.
  • Appropriate medical records.

It is important that all applicants understand that their Medicaid applications are not considered finalized and cannot be processed until all supporting documentation has been submitted. Medicaid application forms that are turned in by mail or in person should include all necessary documentation in the original application package. Residents who apply for Medicaid online should mail their evidence documents as soon as possible after application submission. If any documentation is missing or insufficient, applicants will be notified by their county authorities.

Learn About Getting Assistance With Medicaid Application Forms In North Dakota

Applicants signing up for Medicaid in North Dakota are legally permitted to secure assistance in completing and submitting their applicants if they wish. Residents applying for Medicaid may choose any individual or organization they are comfortable with to assist them. No training or certifications are necessary. However, anyone who assists an applicant in preparing his or her Medicaid application must be identified on the application, sign the finished application before it is submitted and provide his or her contact information for reference. Learn more about the Medicaid application process by downloading our comprehensive Medicaid guide.