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How to Apply for Medicaid in Minnesota

To find out how to apply for Medicaid in Minnesota, you are going to need to know how to apply for Medical Assistance (MA), which is Minnesota’s Medicaid program. To apply for Medicaid online, those who are interested in Medicaid can submit an application through the Health Insurance Marketplace or directly through the state’s Medicaid agency. You will need to create a Marketplace account to complete an application online. If you choose to submit a Medicaid application form through the state, you can call or go to your local human services agency in the Minnesota county in which you reside. Once you have discovered where to apply for Medicaid, you need to know how to submit your completed Medicaid application. In Minnesota, a Medicaid applicant can submit Medicaid application even if they do not think that they qualify for the program. Download our comprehensive guide to learn more about Medicaid.

Where Do You Sign Up for Medicaid in Minnesota?

Now that you know that you need to submit a Minnesota Medicaid application form to apply for Medicaid in your state, you will need to know how to apply. Ask when a Medicaid applicant is ready to apply for Medical Assistance online, they will need to fill out an application form and will also for proof of the information that they are submitting. Medicaid petitioners can also print a copy of the application from Minnesota’s Department of Human Services website and mail a physical copy to their local county office. If you need to understand more about the information needed for the application form in MN, there are people throughout your county who can help you accurately fill out the forms if you need in person assistance.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online and Alternative Application Methods in Minnesota

For most Medicaid beneficiaries, the easiest and faster way to apply for coverage is through the state’s department of human services, unless the applicant is one of the population groups that need to use another form of submission. Those applicants who want to apply for Medicaid online but who may not benefit from doing so include seniors and people with disabilities. If you need help deciding which MN Medicaid application you will need to submit, you can contact your county agency or the Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) help desk.

If a Medicaid applicant needs to know how to apply for Minnesota Medicaid by paper, you must be sure to use the correct application form. Depending on your health care needs, the MN Medicaid application an applicant will need to submit will vary.

If a Medicaid applicant wants to apply for Medical Assistance coverage in MN for a child in foster care, you will need to submit a separate form that can be found on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. You can take the Minnesota Medicaid application to your county or tribal office. If you cannot print out the Minnesota Medicaid application form, you can get a copy from your county or tribal office or call the state department of human services to have one mailed to you.

Download our comprehensive guide to Medicaid to learn more about the program.

What to Do After I Applied for Minnesota Medicaid

After you apply for Minnesota Medicaid, you will be notified if you are eligible for Medical Assistance within 45 days or 60 days if you need a disability certification and 15 days if you are pregnant. If a decision regarding your application is made during that timeframe, your county agency would explain why in a written letter. If a Medicaid applicant submits a Medicaid application form online in MN, the Medicaid applicant is usually told right away if they qualify for the program. The state usually also tells you or any household members if you can get coverage and if you will have to pay for it, or if you cannot get coverage and the reason why you do not qualify. If you apply for Medicaid by mail with a paper application, you will also receive a letter determining if you and any household members also can get coverage or cannot get coverage, and the reason why. The letter also tells you how to ask for a review of the decision, or decisions, if you do not agree with it.

If the applicant applies for Minnesota Medicaid online or by mail and the state determines that additional information is needed to decide if they qualify for coverage, they will receive a letter in the mail informing them of the information that is required. If after a Medicaid applicant submits a Minnesota Medicaid application form and is found to be eligible for the program, the county will enroll them in the Medical Assistance program.

When does my Minnesota Medicaid coverage start?

You can apply for Medicaid online, by phoneor in person any time of the year, and there is no limited enrollment period for the program. However, the date you submit your Medicaid application form, either online or by mail, will affect when your coverage will start. Once your Minnesota Medicaid application form is submitted and you are determined eligible, your Medicaid coverage is set to become effective:

  • Either on the date in which the Medicaid application form is received or the first day of the month of the application.
  • Three months before the month you submit your Medicaid application online, or before the state receives the paper application
  • The month after your Medicaid eligibility is approved
  • The first day of the month after you pay the first premium, if you have one

Every six months, a financial worker in your county to see if you are still eligible for Medicaid reviews your application. You will be required to complete, sign, date and also return all forms sent to you by your county agency. If you do not submit the Medicaid application forms, you will lose your Minnesota Medical Assistance. If after you apply for Minnesota Medicaid and it is determined that you qualify, the Medicaid coverage typically stops at the end of the month in which the unemployment applicant no longer meet the eligibility requirements.