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How to Apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts

It is important to know how to apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts, even if you are not sure as to whether or not you meet eligibility requirements. It is recommended that you apply for Medicaid if you are a part of a low-income household that is in need of health insurance. If you qualify, you will be provided with Medicaid health insurance benefits through the Massachusetts state Medicaid program, MassHealth. It is important to familiarize yourself with the Medicaid application form in order to understand your responsibilities regarding the information that you will need to provide, the documentation that you may need to present and the consequences of falsifying information on your application in order to be eligible for Medicaid benefits. It is equally important to know where to apply for Medicaid in person as well as how you can apply for Medicaid online, over the phone, by mail or by fax. Understanding the MassHealth application process will ensure that you know what to expect after submitting an application. To learn how to apply for Medicaid and what you should know about the application process, you review the sections that below.

Learn About the Massachusetts Medicaid Application Form

In order to understand how to apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts, it is first important to be aware of the information and documentation that must be provided as part of the application process. The MassHealth application form will ask you about both you and your household. Understanding who is considered a part of your household can help you fill out your application correctly to prevent rejections and delays of your application. Your household will generally consist of yourself and:

  • Your spouse or an unmarried partner that is residing within your home.
  • Any dependent children that live within the home, including foster or adopted children that live with you.
  • Any dependent parents or relatives that live with you that you are able to claim as dependents on your federal taxes.

Your Medicaid application should not include any roommates that reside with you under any circumstances. While the MassHealth application will ask if anyone in the home is pregnant, unborn children cannot be listed on the application either. It is also worth knowing that you cannot include a previous spouse as part of your household if you have been legally divorced or separated.

When you apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts, you will need to provide personal information and employer information for yourself and each member of your household. You must obtain the MassHealth application form and provide the Social Security numbers, date of births, legal names and citizenship statuses of each household member. You will also be expected to provide employer information for everyone within your household who works, including the contact information for the employer, the name of the employer, the amount of hours that are generally worked and wages. The information that you provide on your Medicaid application form is used to determine if you meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid. It is illegal to falsify any information on your application intentionally. Falsifying information in order to meet eligibility requirements is considered fraud and can carry serious consequences such as the repayment of services you would not have had coverage for, the inability to obtain Medicaid in the future (even if you would otherwise be eligible), criminal charges, potential incarceration and steep fines.

Documentation is often required to support a Medicaid application and provide proof of income, citizenship or immigration status. Whether you apply for Medicaid online or some other method, you should always have a copy of your paystubs, wage statements or bank records, for each member of your household, alongside your application. Gathering your documents before applying for Medicaid in MA can make the process easy and quick. In some cases, you may receive a request for additional documentation such as proof of immigration status, previous federal tax returns or proof of Social Security Numbers. If you receive a notice requesting any additional documentation, it is crucial that you fulfill that request in a timely manner. Failing to do so may result in the denial or delay of your MassHealth application. To learn more about documentation for a Medicaid application, download our Medicaid guide.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Massachusetts

It is recommended that you apply for Medicaid online in Massachusetts if you have access to the internet and a computer. While you will need to create an online account through the Massachusetts Health Connector, an online Medicaid application form is generally completed much faster in comparison to other application methods. An online application can also be completed on your own time, from the comfort of your own home and will inform you of any additional state programs that you may qualify for.

Where to Apply for Medicaid in Person in Massachusetts

You may be wondering, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Massachusetts?” if you cannot access the internet for Medicaid information. If you would like to apply for Medicaid in person, you may do so at any MassHealth enrollment center or Massachusetts Health Connector walk-in center during normal business hours. Submitting a Medicaid application in person will provide you with the benefit of speaking with a staff member about any additional questions or concerns that you may have regarding your Medicaid application or your Medicaid costs and coverage options. However, it is worth knowing that seniors and long-term care application cannot be submitted at a Massachusetts Health Connector walk-in center.

Learn About Completing a Massachusetts Medicaid Application by Mail, Fax or Phone

When determining how to apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts, it is also important to be aware of additional application methods such as over the phone, by mail or by fax. You can complete the Medicaid application form over the phone with a MassHealth representative by contacting the MassHealth Customer Service Center. Should you choose to complete your application over the phone, you will still need to provide all requested documentation by fax, by mail or in person. Alternatively, you can request a Medicaid application over the phone or obtain one online. By doing so, you will have the option of mailing or faxing your application along with any documentation that you may be required to submit.

What to Expect After you Apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts

Now that you understand how to apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts, it is important to know what to expect after you have completed your MassHealth application. If you applied for Medicaid online or over the phone, you will be provided with a decision on your Medicaid application as soon as the application has been completed. If you applied in person, by mail or by fax, you will receive a written notice in the mail regarding your eligibility. You will also be informed if you are required to provide any additional information or documentation. In many cases, once your Medicaid application form has been approved, you will be required to enroll in a health plan. It is important that you review each health plan option carefully as these plans can affect your costs and coverage options. Should you fail to choose a health plan, the state of Massachusetts will select one for you. To learn more about the Medicaid application process, you can download our national Medicaid guide for program details.