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How to Apply for Medicaid in Maryland

It is imperative to know how to apply for Medicaid in Maryland if you meet eligibility requirements to receive the benefits of affordable health insurance provided by the state, also known at the Maryland Health Connection program. You should familiarize yourself with the Medicaid application form in order to know what to expect from the application process. It is important to know who to include on your Medicaid application as well as the information and the documentation that you will need to provide. It is equally important to know where to apply for Medicaid in Maryland and how to complete all application methods that are available to you. To learn how to apply for Medicaid benefits, you can review the sections below for further details.

Who to Include in Your Medicaid Application in Maryland

In order to understand how to apply for Medicaid in Maryland, you must first know who you should include when completing the application process for Medicaid. When completing the Medicaid application form, be sure to include:

  • Your spouse or an unmarried partner who needs Medicaid coverage.
  • Any of your children that live with you in the household, even if they are employed and earn enough income to file a tax return.
  • Anyone you include on your federal tax return as a dependent, even if that dependent does not live with you in your home.
  • Any relative under 21 who you lives with you that you take care of.

When completing a Maryland Medicaid application, you are not able to include your unmarried partner’s children, any parents who live with you but are not dependents, other relatives who file their own taxes and are not your dependents, or roommates and other individuals who are not related to you and are not your dependents. Before you apply for Medicaid online or through another method, it is best to determine all eligibility requirements for Medicaid for you and any of your household members to avoid a delay in signing up for benefits.

Understand Documentation Needed for the Medicaid Application Form in Maryland

When learning how to apply for Medicaid in Maryland, it is crucial that you know about the information you will need to provide as part of your application. Whether you apply for Maryland Health connection online or through another method, you must provide the same information. Personal information is required for both yourself and all household members on the Medicaid application, including Social Security numbers, full date of births, information about the employers of all household members and information about any job-related health insurance that is available to your household. If you are a non-citizen completing a Medicaid application form, you will also be required to provide immigration such as your Alien Registration Number.

When you apply for Medicaid in Maryland, you may be required to provide documentation alongside your application. This documentation can provide proof of eligibility for Maryland’s state Medicaid if needed. During the Medicaid application process, one of the most commonly requested pieces of documentation involves proof of income. You will be required to provide proof of income for each member of your household that is working. This can be done with W-2 forms or bank statements. Additionally, if you complete a Medicaid application form in person, you will need to provide a photo ID such as a state driver’s license or state identification card. If you have another insurance provider, you may be asked to provide a copy of your health insurance card when you apply for Medicaid. Providing household can help the Maryland Health Connection determine Medicaid cost and coverage options for you and your family.

Where do you Sign up for Medicaid in Maryland?

You can apply for Medicaid online in Maryland in order to take advantage of a convenient and simple application method. Most online applications can take as little as 30 minutes and they can be completed on your own time rather than having to abide by office hours. Not only can you access the Medicaid application form online, but you can also download a free mobile app.

When determining how to apply for Medicaid in Maryland, it is important to know that you can complete an application in person by visiting any health department, department of social services or local connector entity within the state of Maryland. Filling out the Medicaid application form in person gives you the advantage of speaking with someone about any questions that you may have regarding your application. Another way you can apply for Medicaid in Maryland is by contacting the Maryland Health Connections program by phone. Doing so will allow you to speak with a Medicaid representative without having to visit an office in person. To learn more about how to apply for Medicaid, download our Medicaid guide today.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Maryland With Medicare

If you need to fill out a Medicaid application form in Maryland and you are receiving Medicare, you have additional application methods available to you, depending on additional requirements or your circumstances. For instance, if you have a disability and receive Medicare, you can apply for Medicaid through slightly different benefits. It is also worth knowing that if you are disabled and currently receiving Supplemental Security Income, you will be automatically eligible to receive Medicaid health insurance in Maryland.

What to Expect After Completing a Maryland Medicaid Application Form

Now that you know how to apply for Medicaid in Maryland, it is important to know what to expect after you have submitted your application. If your application is approved, you will be sent information regarding your eligibility as well as a choice of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). It is important that you review all MCO options that are provided to you as MCOs can affect your benefits and additional coverage options. You will have a limited amount of time to choose your MCO and should you fail to select one during that time period, one will be chosen for you. You will also receive a red and white card in the mail that will contain your policy information. You can use this card to provide proof of your medical insurance.

Keep in mind that you will need to complete another Maryland Medicaid application form each year in order to remain eligible for Medicaid health insurance and continue to receive benefits. You will be contacted by mail when it is time to renew, so it is very important that you keep Medicaid informed on your current mailing and residential addresses. To learn more about Medicaid and the application process, make sure you download our national Medicaid guide for more information.