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How to Apply for Medicaid in Hawaii

Discovering how to apply for Medicaid in Hawaii can be an easy process, if you know where to start. Preparing a Medicaid application is a task that many Hawaiians interested in receiving assistance in paying for medical costs. You can apply for Medicaid online, via phone or by mail. However, in establishing where to apply for Medicaid as a Hawaiian, there are actually two different options for you. The options available depend on your specific eligibility factors (that is, compared to the single Medicaid application source in most other states). This article discusses how to file a Medicaid application form in Hawaii efficiently and correctly, based on state-specific requirements. It will also answer the question, “where do you sign up for Medicaid?” by looking at the many application routes that Hawaiians can take.

Learn About Hawaii Medicaid Application Services

The two Hawaii Medicaid application institutions are the Hawaii QUEST (Med-QUEST Division, or MQD), and the Hawaii Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS). You should apply for Medicaid using Hawaii QUEST, which stands for Quality care, Universal access, Efficient utilization, Stabilizing costs, and Transforming health care. If you are younger than 65 years of age, and not blind or disabled, you will have different criteria you should apply for Medicaid through Fee-For-Service if you are older than 65, or are blind/disabled at any age. These two options for how to apply for Medicaid in Hawaii are in place to help these different groups in different ways – for example, FFS can work with Medicare in order to pay applicants’ health care costs, whereas MQD, by eligibility rules, only works with private health care companies.

However, before you apply for Medicaid online or via any other method through these two Hawaiian government services, remember that Medicaid benefits application is only suitable for low-income residents who are struggling to pay their medical costs. Your eligibility to submit a Medicaid application form in Hawaii depends on your household income, as well as certain citizenship and other miscellaneous factors. However, applying for Medicaid should not be a daunting process, even if you do not believe that you are eligible. The Hawaii and national Medicaid requirements change every year, and so you should always consider applying (or re-applying) if you need financial assistance with your medical costs.

What do I need to prepare before I start my Hawaii Medicaid application?

Prior to learning about where to apply for Medicaid in Hawaii through MQD or FFS, you need to prepare all of the information that you will need for the application. First, your Medicaid application form must include basic information, including your full legal name, date of birth and address of residency. Next, Medicaid applicants must provide their Social Security Number and proof of citizenship status/permanent legal residency. If you do not have this citizenship information, it may be more difficult for Hawaii Medicaid to identify you properly.

A Hawaii Medicaid application should also include information about your finances, including household income (and how many members of your household are relying on said income), your tax return filing status and any other kind of insurance that you are receiving (especially health insurance, whether through Medicare or a private company). Finally, special Medicaid application consideration is given to pregnant women, especially those who are nearing their due date and will need to receive Medicaid insurance coverage quickly. If this applies to you, your physician should provide you with a note that you can include in your application for Medicaid to make MQD aware of your position.

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How to Apply for Medicaid with MQD or FFS in Hawaii

Generally, residents who apply for Medicaid online in Hawaii using the MQD/FFS web portals find it to be the easiest and most efficient strategy. This is because when you file an online Medicaid application, you can upload all of your required documents and information quickly, allowing for easy processing by the Hawaiian government. Filing for Medicaid by scanning and uploading documents is also the best time-saving strategy for application, as it allows you to submit everything without needing to leave your own home.

Signing up for Medicaid in Hawaii via phone is also a viable option, but you may need to find the correct phone number for the Hawaii Department of Human Services in your county. It can also be more challenging to send in the proper Medicaid application form documentation over the phone – therefore, you may be asked to fax them or mail them in addition to your call. You can also determine where to apply for Medicaid in Hawaii by visiting the MQD/FFS office in your area (or by simply printing and mailing in your application to that location). While many of these Medicaid application methods can take much more time than filing online, they do allow increased abilities to speak with a customer service representative and receive answers to any questions you may have.

Understand Medicaid Application Processing & Other Factors in Hawaii

Depending on whether or not you apply for Medicaid online in Hawaii, over the phone, via mail or in person, you will likely have a vastly different amount of time before your application has been processed and you can begin to receive benefits. However, you may receive expedited Medicaid insurance coverage if you need it for emergency reasons, or in a timely manner (as noted above, in the case of pregnant women). In any event, your approved Medicaid application will arrive in the mail, along with instructions on how to utilize your coverage. If there is a problem with your Medicaid application form (i.e. it is missing information, it is not signed, etc.), it will be sent back in order to ensure that it is completed properly. And, if your application for Medicaid in Hawaii is rejected, you should still consider reapplying – not only do the requirements change regularly, but agencies like MQD and FFS will sometimes consider granting special permissions under certain circumstances.

If you already had health coverage through Hawaii Health Connector before applying for Medicaid, you must re-enroll for benefits through MQD or FFS. However, HI Medicaid applicants generally do not need to renew their coverage every year – they should only need to do so when they wish to change/readjust their plan.

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