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How to Apply for Medicaid in Delaware

Residents investigating how to apply for Medicaid in Delaware have several options. They can apply for Medicaid online or using other methods. However, applicants should review the Medicaid application form before beginning the process to make sure that they understand the steps for submitting an application. Potential applicants should pay special attention to the information they will need to gather in order to answer the application questions and what documentation they are required to submit in support of their applications. Taking time to read the Medicaid application and collect the necessary facts, figures and documents prior to beginning will save applicants time during the application process and prevent avoidable delays and denials of benefits.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Delaware?

Residents often wonder how and where to apply for Medicaidin Delaware and whether or not they can apply for Medicaid online.Delaware DSS does accept online Medicaid applications, and the online application allows applicants to request benefits under Medicaid and its subprograms, such as Long Term Care. DSS uses the same application to accept and assess requests for SNAP (food stamps) benefits, cash assistance, child care assistance, National School Lunch Program enrollment and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) benefits.

Applicants who cannot or do not want to apply for Medicaid online using the digital system may apply using other methods. Applicants can request to have a hard copy of the Medicaid application form mailed to them by calling the DSS Customer Relations Unit. They can then complete the application and mail it back. Alternatively, they may fill out the paper Medicaid application and take it in person to any Division of Social Services office to apply. In all cases, applicants must provide completed applications and all supporting documentation to DSS before their applications will be processed, as these details will help the state determine Medicaid eligibility. In the event that Medicaid applications are not completed or that sufficient documentation is not provided within a certain window of time, an applicant’s application will be denied. At that point, an applicant will need to start the process over at the beginning to request and receive benefits.

Medicaid application forms are available online for print in English and Spanish. DSS will also supply Medicaid applications and instructional and support materials in alternative formats to accommodate individuals with disabilities. In situations where further assistance is needed, individuals with disabilities can contact the DSS for additional help with filling out, submitting and securing supporting documentation for their applications. Download our comprehensive Medicaid guide for more details about requesting and qualifying for coverage.

Learn About Medicaid Application Forms In Delaware

To apply for Medicaid online or using any other method in Delaware, applicants must complete the application form fully and accurately. The Medicaid application form asks applicants a series of questions about their personal characteristics, the size and makeup of their households and their collective household income. Applicants can expect to list on the Medicaid application the number of people in their household along with each person’s age, gender and relationship to the primary applicant. Birth dates, Social Security Numbers and other common legal information is required for each member of the applicant household, as well. When signing up for Medicaid, applicants will need to disclose if any members of the household are pregnant or have been medically diagnosed with a qualifying disability. They must also provide information on Medicaid applications about any members of the household who have been placed in foster care or who are residing in qualifying residential care facilities. Households applying for Medicaid that contain children will be questioned about any joint custody or court-ordered supervision arrangements that may apply to those children.

Medicaid applications include questions about other forms of assistance a household may have previously received from Delaware, other states or the federal government. This includes cash assistance, food stamps and other forms of supplemental food support and medical assistance. The Medicaid application form will also ask applicants to list any forms of health care, including Medicare, currently held by any member of the household and to provide details about those health care plans.

Residents may seek help in applying for Medicaid from formal or informal sources if desired. The DSS Customer Relations Unit answers questions about the Medicaid application form, valid forms of documentation and what applicants can do if they are having difficulty locating or accessing essential information and documents. Many community organizations and health care providers are also willing and able to provide assistance in the application process to qualifying households. Any individual or organizational representative who helps a household apply for Medicaid online or through any other method must be recognized on the application form. He or she must provide his or her contact information and sign the form, as well. Learn more about applying for Medicaid coverage by reviewing the information in our national guide.

Understand Medicaid Application Documentation in Delaware

All of the information required by the Medicaid application form must be properly supported by documentation proving its accuracy. Residents who apply for Medicaid online may need to mail hard copies of their documentation to DSS in order for their applications to be considered complete. If this documentation is not submitted with a resident’s Medicaid application, then DSS will contact the applicant to inform them of what was missing. DSS will also give the applicant a date by which the absent Medicaid information must be provided in order for the application to be processed. If a resident applying for Medicaid does not turn in the necessary information by the deadline, then his or her application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.

When an individual or household applies for Medicaid, DSS will request proof of identity and proof of citizenship or legal immigration status. To initiate a Medicaid application an applicant is required to have a valid Social Security Number (SSN). Applicants who do not have a valid Social Security Number may still submit requests for benefits on behalf of other members of their households who do have valid SSNs. Legal resident aliens applying for Medicaid may supply an Alien Registration number instead.

Medicaid application forms must also be accompanied by proof of income in the form of pay stubs, recent tax returns or other qualifying documentation. Income information will also determine Medicaid coverage costs for certain beneficiaries with higher household earnings. Applicants applying for Medicaid benefits under certain subprograms, such as LTCCS, may be required to provide evidence documenting additional assets and resources. This may include submitting paperwork with a Medicaid application that details bank account balances, vehicle ownership, stocks and bonds, property ownership and other investments. Applicants applying for Medicaid for whom pregnancy is being considered as an eligibility factor are required to submit evidence that they are pregnant.