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How to Apply for Medicaid in Connecticut

Residents questioning where and how to apply for Medicaid in Connecticut should start by verifying that they have the basic personal information and documentation they will need to begin the application process. Whether a resident chooses to apply for Medicaid online or through an alternate method, he or she will be required to supply certain information to open an application for benefits. Qualifying documentation must support the information required on the Medicaid application form, which is often evidence that the petitioner meets the eligibility requirements. A resident’s Medicaid application will not be processed and no benefits can be awarded unless he or she submits all requested documentation within a certain amount of time after opening his or her application.

Where to Apply for Medicaid in Connecticut

Potential applicants asking, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Connecticut?” are often specifically concerned with whether or not it is possible to apply for Medicaid online. Medicaid application forms can be submitted online but applicants must take care to use the correct online system and application form for their households. The Department of Social Services (DSS) administers Connecticut’s Medicaid and CHIP programs jointly under the umbrella of its HUSKY Health program. To deliver this integrated program, DSS partners with a number of different agencies and organizations including Access Health CT. Applicants may need to apply for Medicaid using the DSS’s Connect online portal or through Access Health CT depending on their individual needs.

The DSS Connect portal can be used to submit certain types of Medicaid applications as well as to apply for food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and some forms of general cash-based financial assistance. This method for Medicaid application is beneficial for residents who need to apply for multiple government welfare programs. However, Access Health CT is the state’s authorized health insurance marketplace and only allows applicants to submit requests for benefits related to Medicaid and other health care programs. Connecticut residents seeking to apply for Medicaid must consider if they wish to request non-health care benefits before beginning their applications.

The Medicaid application form can be printed for a hard copy and completed by applicants who do not wish to submit their applications online. Hard copy Medicaid applicationsmay be mailed to the Department of Social Services Scanning Center. Applicants may also sign up for Medicaid by taking a completed application form to any DSS office. Another option is to apply for Medicaid over the phone by calling Access Health CT. Applicants who elect to apply by phone are encouraged to print and complete a copy of the application and have it available when they call. This ensures they are prepared to provide all necessary information to the Access Health CT representative handling their calls and reduces mistakes and delays. Download our Medicaid guide for more details about applying for benefits.

Learn About Medicaid Application Forms in Connecticut

To apply for Medicaid in Connecticut, residents will need to supply DSS with information about themselves, their households and their incomes. Qualifying documentation must support the information on Medicaid applications. To assist in establishing eligibility, the Medicaid application form asks questions regarding the makeup of the household, including the number of members, their ages, their genders and whether any members of the household are pregnant, have a disability or are housed in an authorized residential care facility. If an individual applying for Medicaid lists that there are children in the household, then he or she will be required to note if those children are subject to joint custody or court-ordered supervision arrangements. Medicaid applications require that applicants have and provide a valid Social Security Number (SSN). Applicants who do not have a valid SSN may still be able to apply for benefits on behalf of other members of their households who do have SSNs. Applicants who are legal resident aliens will be asked to provide their Alien Registration number in place of a Social Security Number.

Connecticut residents may apply for Medicaid with the help of another person if such assistance is needed or desired for any reason. Individuals who assist an applicant in signing up for Medicaid need to be identified on the application and their contact information and signatures must be provided. Applicants with disabilities who require assistance with a Medicaid application may request help from the DSS with completing forms, obtaining supporting documentation and securing the medical paperwork associated with proving their disability status. DSS can also supply these individuals with the application and instructional materials in forms that accommodate various disabilities or take their information for Medicaid applications by phone if that reduces the barriers to access for an applicant.

The Medicaid application form requires that applicants disclose any cash, food or medical assistance their households have received in Connecticut or any other states in the past. Medicaid applicationsmandate that applicants list any members of their households who have Medicare or who hold other forms of medical insurance. Applicants will be asked to provide details such as the name of the insurance company, the dates of the relevant policy and the type of coverage held.

When applying for Medicaid online or through any other method, applicants must report not only their household income but any other assets to which they have access. This includes bank accounts, retirement accounts, stocks and bonds, medical savings accounts, property, vehicles, expected inheritances and all other forms of investments. Signing up for Medicaid requires applicants to list their household expenses related to dependents (including medical expenses) and to note any other benefits or assistance the household is receiving, such as the following:

  • Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance payments
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Disability compensation
  • Veteran Administration benefits
  • Workers compensation payments

Learn more about obtaining insurance coverage through the Medicaid application process by downloading our comprehensive national Medicaid guide.

How does Medicaid pre-screening work in Connecticut?

DSS and Access Health CT recognize that many potentially eligible applicants are unaware of how to apply for Medicaid in Connecticut and where to access and submit Medicaid applications. As a result, the state has authorized health care facilities, schools, Head Start programs and some community-based organizations to screen their clients for potential Medicaid eligibility in CT. These providers, referred to as qualified entities, are trained to assess Connecticut residents’ eligibility for Medicaid and other benefits. Qualified entities are authorized to assist applicants in completing and submitting Medicaid application forms and in applying for any other federal assistance programs for which they may qualify. As noted above, all individuals or organizations that assist an applicant in completing a Medicaid application form must be listed on that form at the time of application, to include qualified entities.

In addition, qualified entities do not have to wait for a Medicaid application to be processed to provide benefits and services to screened clients but may deliver those services immediately. However, since Medicaid coverage and costs have not been finalized after completing the Medicaid application, patients may be responsible for the cost of treatment and services.

Learn About Finalizing a Medicaid Application in Connecticut

In order for a Medicaid application form to be fully processed and a decision regarding benefits eligibility reached, applicants must provide all necessary supporting documentation to the DSS. When a resident applies for Medicaid, DSS will review the application and documentation and inform the applicant if anything is missing or if supplemental documentation is required. Applicants will then have a short window of time in which to provide the requested documents to keep their applications open. A Medicaid application may be denied or rejected if documentation is not supplied with the specified window. If that happens, then the applicant will be required to start over to pursue benefits. Examples of documentation accepted in support of an application for Medicaid include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Birth, marriage and adoption certificates
  • Recent paystubs
  • Recent tax forms
  • Award letters from state or federal benefits and assistance programs (e.g. SSI, SNAP)
  • Bank statements