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How to Apply for Medicaid in Arizona

How to apply for Medicaid in Arizona is determined by the The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and the three agencies which over see it: The Department of Economic Security (DES), The Department of Child Safety and The Social Security Administration (SSA). The AHCCCS oversees how residents apply for Medicaid online and by paper regardless of which specific Medicaid program the applicant meets eligibility requirements for. A Medicaid applicant in Arizona can receive help completing his or her Medicaid application form at a local AHCCCS as well. Where to apply for Medicaid in Arizona depends on the specific Medicaid sub-program, though most applications head to the AHCCCS. While completing the Medicaid application, a Medicaid candidate in Arizona will need to provide information and potentially evidence concerning his or her identity, citizenship, health status, income and more. Keep reading for more information regardingthe Medicaid application process in Arizona.

How to Prepare to Apply for Medicaid in Arizona

To prepare to submit a Medicaid application form, Arizona applicants should gather all necessary information and evidence beforehand. Applicants are required to present the same information on the Medicaid application whether they are first-time applicants or renewing their benefits in Arizona. Several types of evidence may be used to successfully complete a Medicaid application form, including but not limited to the following information:

  • Proof of identity for the applicant and all household members, including Social Security or Tax I.D. numbers
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal alien status for applicant and all household members
  • The name, address and telephone number of a landlord or neighbor for reference
  • A statement verifying the address and names of everyone living in the applying household by a non-relative adult who doesn’t live in the applying household that includes the reference’s address and telephone number and is signed and dated
  • Evidence of all monetary sums received by household members in the last two months or proof that a recipient’s employment has ended and his or her last wages have been paid
  • Verification of any third-party or employer offered health care that the applicant or members of his or her household may be eligible for

Learn About Medicaid Application Methods in Arizona

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Arizona?” is a question many applicants may ask. Medicaid application forms can be submitted in several ways for most Medicaid programs in Arizona. Candidates can apply for Medicaid online through the state marketplace or print an application to submit by mail, by fax or in-person. The AHCCCS recommends that applicants submit the Medicaid application form online whenever possible for the speediest processing times. The only Medicaid programs in Arizona that do not allow for the same abovementioned Medicaid application form submission options are the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) program, which offers senior and disabled residents ongoing services at the level of a nursing care facility, and the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP). Regardless of whether a clamant chooses to apply online or by paper, he or she should send certified copies of necessary evidence and not original documents.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Arizona

Residents of Arizona can apply for Medicaid online for themselves and their families. As mentioned previously, the only Medicaid programs that do not permit candidates to apply for Medicaid online are the ALTCS program and the BCCTP program. Claimants applying online in Arizona should have a stable and secure internet connection and be ready to sign up for an account upon registration for application submission. Applicants having difficulty submitting the Medicaid application form online can contact their nearest AHCCCS office for troubleshooting assistance.

How to Apply for Medicaid by Paper in Arizona

Benefit claimants in Arizona searching where to apply for Medicaid always have the option to submit a paper application. Medicaid application forms for every Medicaid sub-program in Arizona can be printed from the state web portal. An application packet can be mailed to potential applicants without access to a printer upon request. The ALTCS program only accepts application form submissions by phone or by paper, consigned via the post, email, fax, walk-in visit or in-home visit with a AHCCCS representative. The BCCTP program exclusively accepts paper applications sent to the AHCCCS by mail, email or fax. Applicants should note that applying by paper is somewhat different for each program due to additional program eligibility requirements.

For more details on how to complete a Medicaid application, download our comprehensive guide.

After You Submit a Medicaid Application in Arizona

Once a Medicaid application form is received, an AHCCCS representative will reach out if any additional information or evidence is needed to process the case. Arizona Medicaid application cases are processed by applicant group and take up to 45 days for a decision to be issued. If the Medicaid application is for a claimant in the hospital, he or she should receive an application decision within one week, while pregnant applicants can expect a response within 20 days. Approved Medicaid applications are contingent upon the continued cooperation and eligibility status of the benefits claimant. Any significant changes to a claimant’s income, health status, household composition or other Medicaid eligibility criteria must be reported to the AHCCCS to avoid an interruption in medical coverage or the revocation of benefits all together. Benefits recipients are obligated to submit an annual renewal Medicaid application by the requested date to maintain Medicaid coverage for all household members.

How to Appeal a Rejected Medicaid Application in Arizona

If a claimant’s Medicaid application form is rejected, benefits are stopped or benefits are not receiving in a timely manner he or she has the option to appeal the decision to the local Department of Economic Security (DES) office. Applicants who disagree with a DES decision concerning a Medicaid application have the right to request a fair hearing in front of an impartial Administrative Law Judge within 30 days of receiving written notification of the decision. Prior to this hearing, claimants will have the option of attending a pre-trial hearing to resolve the issue before escalating the situation in front of a judge. Appeal decisions for Medicaid applications will be mailed to the claimant immediately after the hearing.

Download our comprehensive guide for more details on Medicaid application guidelines.